Who’s A Good Owner? You are!


By-Renee Thrasher

Dogs are widely known as man’s best friend. We at MudRunFun are more than excited to meet you and your best friends out on a fun course! Are they big dogs who think they are lap dogs? Are they small and fearless? Have you had them since they were a puppy? Did you rescue, adopt, or foster them? We would love to hear your story! Join us in Melbourne, Florida this October for a spooktacular fun event for both two legged and four legged creatures!

This event is appropriately Halloween themed and we want to see what creative costumes you have to offer. Join our costume contest and rock your creative ensemble through our trail course at Wickham Park. Will you each wear something to suit your own styles, or will you come up with a creative matching costume? You and your furry friend are invited to join us on either a one mile or a 5k course (whichever is more suited to your skill level). Enjoy the trees, breeze, and fresh air in the great Autumn weather. All finishers will receive a special doggy run medal. One for you and an interlocking one for your best buddy (after all, they did the course too!).

Don’t have a furry friend yet? No Problem! We are working out having rescue pets available for you to interact with, run along side, and potentially adopt if you feel that special connection. Feel free to come solo and maybe make a new friend along the way.

Come join the fun and make some lasting memories with your doggy by your side. There will be laughs and barks, and new relationships built between both man and dog. Invite your friends and family and share this event with anyone you know who has fur babies they would love to bring!



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